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We believe in inspiring and empowering people to reach their full potential !

Peace Hub is a multidisciplinary Community Mental Health organisation, founded in 2015, which strives for human well-being by creating a Psycho-Social ecosystem through a Holistic and Village-based Behavioural Health approach. We are focused on leveraging technology to deliver quality experiential care through a scientific solution-driven model with experts who address the entire gamut of mental health conditions. We are committed to improving access to mental health across the age spectrum and we believe this is best achieved by empowering the community. Peace Hub believes in empowering ordinary people, whom we often call Psycho-Social Care Volunteers, to deliver our psychosocial interventions in their communities. Though we are committed to bringing positive change to society through science and innovative technology, the ‘human’ approach remains at the centre of all we do.

Why Us ?


Happiness and Well-being for all


Love , Integrity , Professionalism .


To develop a Psycho Social Eco system through a village based Approach


Holistic, Scientific , Humanistic and Insight oriented